Surprise! Beyonce And Jay Z Are 2016's Highest Paid Couple In The World

Should we bow or just move out of the way? And what happens to the elevator now?

By Jazzi Johnson

In not-all-that shocking news: Beyonce and Jay Z just took the cake as Forbes' highest-paid couple over the past year, raking in $107.5 million altogether.

The Lemonade queen took the number 34 spot on the Celebrity 100 list with $54 million while Jay Z came just two spots behind at number 36 with $53.5 million.

Forbes says that Beyonce's Formation Tour is what inched her in over her hubby. She performed 19 shows just before the June cut-off date, spiking her earnings ahead of his. While Jay Z is gearing up to release music now, he's mostly been busy with his D’Ussé cognac, Armand de Brignac champagne, and Roc Nation label which includes music, management, and sports.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen came in the second couple spot with a combined $74.5 million. Gisele made the list for the 16th time, which is way more than Jay Z or Bey. 

And here's a fun tidbit: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris would've claimed the number one spot had they not split... as if unmarried couples even count? Ah, well.

The Knowles-Carter reign continues.


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