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Survey Finds Millennials Love Gays But Don't Think LGBT Issues Are Too Important

Only percent of respondants said that they believed LGBT issues should be a top priority for America.

Millenials, amirite?! With their phones and their EDM and their love of gays but lack of concern for actual gay issues?! Ugh, Millenials!

A new survey has shown that although acceptance of gay people is at an all time high amongst young adults, most millenials don't prioritize LGBT issues as particularly important. In the GenForward survey, 18-30 year olds were asked how their support for LGBT issues have changed over the past two years.

The survey found 92 percent of respondent support HIV and AIDS prevention, 90 percent support LGBT employment equality, and 80 percent support LGBT adoption.

The catch? Only percent of respondents said that they believed LGBT issues should be a top priority for America. And of the LGBT respondents: only 17 percent thought gay rights should be of great importance to our nation.

The GenForward Survey was conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The poll particularly focuses on young adults of color. 

The psychology behind the survery answers is unclear. Do most millenials think that we've already accomplished enough by way of gay rights such that there isn't more progress to make? Or have people only learned to be base-level tolerant without actually caring much for progress at all? Or is something else going on entirely? Who knows!

You can read more of the data found over here


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