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Talib Kweli Told Kanye West He Needs Real Friends

"Someone ain’t keeping it real with you"

No one knows the reason behind Kanye West's erratic behavior, including supporting Donald Trump, ranting about Beyonce and Jay Z, and abruptly walking out of concerts. Longtime collaborator and friend Talib Kweli has a theory: Kanye needs to get some real friends who will be honest with him.


The rapper took to Twitter to criticize Kanye for his political views and freak outs. "“[F]eelings don’t matter fam. Facts matter,” he wrote. “Real n*ggas still got love for you. But our ppl dying out here. Never Trump.” Kweli also criticized Kanye for not having genuine friends to keep him grounded. "U should reach out to real n*ggas. Cuz someone ain't keeping it real w u fam."

Earlier today, Kanye continued acting strange. Following an Instagram posting spree, he cancelled all remaining dates on his The Saint Pablo Tour. 

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