Tamera Mowry's White Husband Called Her Racist For Offering Extra Mayo

Y'all have no chill.

By Eric Shorey

Mayo is delicious: sorry, this is a fact and I am not hearing any arguments to the contrary! But was Tamera Mowry being racist when she offered her (white) husband extra mayo on a sandwich? Truly this will be the most important question of our time.

Look, the entirety of the internet basically exists to create meaningless drama out of nothing, I get it, but don't we all have better things to do than argue about this:

Don't get it twisted: the only person who is really in the wrong here is Tamera's husband because if someone offers you extra mayo you should just say thank you and then STFU and enjoy the damn mayo. Girls, I know mayo has some racial implications but let's pause for a second on that, cause mayo is tasty as hell and belongs on every food ever.

Twitter users, meanwhile, took the politics of this exchange a bit too seriously:

Y'all have no chill.

That being said: Tamera's husband Adam Housley works for Fox News and is an avowed Donald Trump supporter, so the comment is actually rather charged. No one loves the concept of "reverse racism" more than racists, so his accusation is perhaps more loaded than we had originally assumed. In fact, the couple even found themselves embroiled in a similarly asinine racial conversation over collard greens at Thanksgiving

I'm still not backing down on my pro-mayo position, though.

[Photo: Instagram]

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