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Tammy Rivera Claps Back At Haters, Defends Marriage With Cheater Waka Flocka Flame

"Why would I give up on my husband? I'm not that type. I think that's weak of a woman to do that."

If a man cheats on his wife, should she take him back? It's a polarizing question, one that Waka Flocka Flame's wife, Tammy Rivera, has weighed in on many times.

Rivera caught a lot of flack for taking her husband Waka back after he cheated on her, but she has words for anyone who has anything negative to say about her decision to stick by her man.

During an interview with The Bleu Bombshell, Rivera was asked what gave her the courage to give her husband another chance after cheating, and she laid out her point of view in a lengthy, heartfelt response.

"Because my husband is a good man," Rivera responded. "He's a great man, and I think in today's society everything is so disposable. Times are not the same, women nowadays, you know, they say, 'Oh, let me just do this, I can go out and find me another man, n****s ain't nothing.' You know, all of that, and I get it."

"But then, on the other side, you have men who aren't growing up with fathers, not making excuses for men to cheat, but you have men who never seen what a household is supposed to look like — my husband was never in a married household. He didn't know," she went on. "His mom was a hustler, you know what I'm saying, she was out in the streets, she was the mom and the dad. He doesn't know — he grew up in the industry. He had early stardom with his career, I think Waka was in his early 20s, mid 20s when he dropped his first hit."

"So you have all these groupies, you have all these things but despite all of that, behind closed doors, this man loves me to death and I know he loves my child to death. He does anything for us," she continued. "So, my mom always told me, 'You can find a man who can financially take care of you, you can find a man who might not be a cheater, might have it all together, might have grew up with a father in their household, but it's hard to find real love and a person who genuinely loves you and who is willing to change.' My husband was willing to change for his family. So why would I give up on my husband? I'm not that type. I think that's weak of a woman to do that. It's easier to walk away as opposed to speaking up! No, we're going to fight for this. We got married. My family is worth fighting for."

At the end of the day, you have to make the decisions that are right for your family. But what do you think? Do men who cheat deserve a second chance? Is it weak of women to walk away?

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