Tank Defends Justin Timberlake Over BET Awards Comments

"This is from people who don't really know Justin Timberlake."

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Justin Timberlake has received backlash for his comments during the BET Awards. Many celebrities have stayed quiet on social media about Justin's take on Jesse Williams' speech, but fellow singer Tank is in his corner. "The speech was inspiring and it was a call to action for all of us," the singer and Sisterhood of Hip Hop star tells TMZ"Him being inspired by that is not wrong."

Amid the backlash, many fans have criticized Justin for appropriating black culture. Tank vehemently argues that Justin was "born with a gift" and "this is from people who don't really know Justin Timberlake." He says, "My problem is that we picked the wrong guy. I know Justin personally."

Accoring to Tank, this whole issue isn't about appropriation but about more about black fans supporting black artists. "When are we gonna show up? When are we gonna show up and stop this blame session of who's to blame and take ownership for. It's music, man."

See more of Tank on 'Sisterhood of Hip Hop,' premiering July 12, 9/8c!

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