Taylor Swift And Beyonce Both Cried After Kanye West's 2009 VMAs Stunt

Kanye's iconic stage-crashing moment had bigger repercussions than we originally thought.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The 2009 VMAs will forever be associated with Kanye West crashing the stage and interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. In just a few short minutes, "I'ma let you finish" became a legendary pop culture moment, and Taylor and Kanye's long-running feud was born.

I'm sure you already know that though, but did you know that Kanye's stunt made both Taylor and Beyonce (yes, Beyonce) cry? MTV chief Van Toffler got candid about the iconic moment nearly a decade later.

"When Kanye walked up onstage with Taylor that year, it turned out that Taylor had to go onstage to do her song five minutes later," he recounted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I ran out of the truck to see that everything was all right, and Taylor and her mom were crying hysterically. I'm not always wonderful with emotions. I didn't know what to say."

"Then I went backstage, and Beyonce was crying, too," he added.

Messing up Taylor Swift's big moment is one thing, but making Beyonce cry? Unforgivable. Sorry, Kanye!

Take a trip down memory lane with the throwback video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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