Taylor Swift Skipping The VMAs — Is She Afraid Of Kanye West?

Girl, you scared?

By Eric Shorey

It was just announced that Kanye West would have an uncontrolled four-minute segment at the VMAs this Sunday. This wild news was accompanied by reports that the Kardashian-West's archnemesis Taylor Swift would be staying far away from the award ceremony. Girl, you scared?

Although intimidation might play a factor here, it's also possible that Swift is skipping out because she wasn't actually nominated for anything, despite being eligible in a few categories.

This certainly complicates West's potential ideas if he was thinking of incorporating his long-standing beef with the pop singer in his performance.

Or, here's another thought: are we all being played? Are Swift and West actually in cahoots and planning something big?

No, probably not. But it's fun to think about!

[Photo: Getty Images]


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