Taylor Swift's Old Myspace Blogs Were Discovered, And They're Kinda Embarrassing

It's something about that cheating blog that really raises eyebrows...

By Jazzi Johnson

If there's one thing about Taylor Swift that we all know- it's that you either love her or despise her.  

What can be agreed upon, however, is how fun and interesting it is to read old Myspace posts. Teenage years, particularly, are full of embarrassing gems—and the post-adolescent life of Swift is no different.

Discovered by a Tumblr userSwift used her old Myspace for squirrel love and writing out her heart's desires on her blog. So what did early 2000s Taylor Swift have to say about life?

There's this (necessary) commentary about a black squirrel:

“I saw a black squirrel outside my bus, climbing up a tree. It was a BLACK squirrel. I mean, who knew that squirrels were ever anything but gray? I walked around telling everybody about it, and nobody believed me. It was great.” -October 19, 2007

And this one about how to have a good time:

“Me and the intern, Richard, made all these photo copies of our hands and stapled them together. Because when I’m bored, I am SO productive.” -November 4, 2005

There's that time she first met Rihanna:

“The HIGHLIGHT of my TRL experience was getting to talk to Rihanna. I love Rihanna. She’s amazing and gorgeous and SO cool to talk to. A lot of the time, superstars have huge entourages around them and its really intimidating and weird. But Rihanna had one, maybe two people with her. It was so cool to see that. We talked backstage during commercial breaks and she was real and outgoing and funny. Yay. :-)” —June 21, 2008

On what's truly poetic in the world:

“I’m sitting here in my room with all the lights off and candles EVERYWHERE, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. You say ‘fire hazard’, I say ‘poetic.’” —December 23, 2007

She even declared the best Christmas movie of all time...and it isn't A Christmas Story (apparently):

“For the past two years we’ve watched Love Actually every single Christmas. Because it’s the best Christmas movie (or overall movie) ever made, ever. It’s one of those movies with an amazing ending that makes you want a boyfriend on Christmas. Because of that, I can only watch it once a year. Ha.” —December 23, 2007

Her cat obsession also hasn't changed much:

“My cat goes into an angry rage when I’m gone. She’s like the most miserable, depressed, whining cat ever when I’m not here. She just wanders around the house screaming and howling. I know this because when I’m on the road, my dad calls me and leaves me voicemails of the cat. And so when I’m home she’s extra clingy. She’s laying on my shoulder right now, snoring and purring. Yes, both. It’s an interesting combination of sounds.” —September 17, 2008

No really, I'd say her undying love for cats is borderline obsession:

“I’m sitting on my bed, and my cat is sitting next to me SNORING so loudly. And I’m trying not to laugh, because I’ll wake her up. It’s so awesome though. You just don’t expect little cats to snore like that. And periodically, she’ll have weird dreams where she’s running through a field or something (I have no idea what cats actually dream about, this is just a theory)… So then she’s snoring AND twitching and moving her legs.. It’s hilarious.” —January 5, 2009

And who knew that cheating would be something that'd come back and remain a constant in her love life's story. I wonder what Calvin Harris would have to say about this one:

“It’s called ‘You Should’ve Said No’ and it’s about being cheated on.. dun dun dunnn… Yeah.” —Aug. 12, 2006

Oh, Taylor. Even in your innocence, you were always the same (kinda boring...did I say that? Woops)

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