Ted Cruz Tweeted About Mandatory Sex Changes Under Hillary, WTF?

And now he's claiming he never sent the tweet to begin with.

Hillary Clinton may not have a perfectly clean record on LGBTQ issues, but anyone can see that she's far better than the other option. With that in mind: some of the most extreme conservatives have mistaken her acceptance of trans people as something more nefarious. A popular right wing conspiracy theory is that part of the Hillary regime will include "mandated sex change operations" — a myth that Ted Cruz might believe in as well. Last night on Twitter the Texan senator posted material about his fears re: sex change surgeries, only to delete the tweets shortly thereafter.

Political commentors noted the alarming Tweet amidst news of last night's debate:

The link Ted Cruz posted may seem like a normal conservative article at first until it gets to the subject at hand. Predicting a crisis in the GOP, writer Daniel Horowitz says the following: "Every Republican will run for office as outraged against her agenda, and 2018 will be a repeat of 2010 when everyone was a 'Tea Party candidate.' 2020 will be a repeat of 2012 in which the candidate with the most name recognition and promoted by Fox News will be the GOP nominee. By that point, we will have mandated sex change operations. Heck, our own military during a time of war and internal morale crisis has already published a handbook on sex changes. We simply don’t have the time to continue down this failed path. We’ve already been in the wilderness for 27 years." What?

Cruz's spokespeople are now claiming the tweet didn't actually come from him and is having Twitter look into it, although nothing seems to suggest the account was hacked or anything of the sort.

My guess? Cruz barely read the first half of the article and tweeted it out because it had all the right buzzwords, not out of any commitment to its actual theories but mostly just because he's an idiot.

h/t: LGBTQNation

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