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Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Roasts Farrah Abraham: "She Was Selling Her Vagina"

She. Went. In.

Remember when The Teen Mom OG reunion special made headlines because of Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham getting into a huge fight on stage? Well, part 1 of the special aired earlier this week, and it looks like it's going to be just as dramatic as everyone expected.

They haven't gotten to the actual physical fight yet — they're probably saving that for part 2 — but what's really gotten people talking is the way Portwood went in on Abraham. According to The Daily Mail, she didn't hold a single thing back when moderator Dr. Drew Pinsky asked if she and Abraham were on good terms.

"We used to be and then she decided to open up her crooked lips," Portwood began. "She decided to do an interview saying something about how it's good that [Amber's daughter] Leah is with Gary and how my house probably smells like piss. You don't do that."

"She's been mean to Catelynn, Maci, my fiancee, Taylor, everybody on this show and her piece of sh*t boytoy Simon," she continued.

Wow Amber, tell us how you really feel! The reality star was just getting started. She went on to drag Farrah for taking credit for making the show popular, and even brought up her sex tape.

"When she makes a quote saying she's the reason why this show is on, well, I'm sorry, when I went to prison, this show was not on and when I got out is sure as hell was on," Amber said.

"And she was selling her vagina while I was gone," she continued. "We'll make that clear."

Portwood even called out Dr. Drew, demanding that he not let Abraham off the hook once she gets on stage.

"Dr. Drew, do not let her get away with what she does, and you do," she told him. "You need to call her out more when she's sitting on this stage."

Unsurprisingly, Abraham fired back via social media, calling Amber a knockoff Ms. Piggy and claiming she's just jealous.

Drama, drama, drama.

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