The 10 Best Summer Love Songs of All Time

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Summer is in the air. The sun is shining and the last traces of cuffing season have melted away; you’re ready for summer romance. The perfect soundtrack of flirty tunes and sexy slow jams will keep your lovey dovey vibes going all season long. Walking hand-in-hand with your bae at the park or cozying up with a new cutie on a rooftop? Our favorite summer lovin’ songs of all time will keep your days hot and your nights even hotter.

1.     Amerie -- "Why Don't We Fall In Love" 

Why don’t we fall in love? This warm and bright song conjures up memories of first crushes and young romance. Nostalgic and innocent, it’s the perfect track for blossoming relationships.


2.    Carl Thomas -- "Summer Rain" 

Carl Thomas may have had a short stint in R&B but he’s lived on through this classic, summery jam. “Summer Rain” is as intoxicating today as it was when it dropped in 2000. Put this on and try not dancing in the rain. 


3.   The Isley Brothers -- "Summer Breeze" 

We’re gonna take it back, way back with this one. In 1976, The Isley Brothers managed to take the feeling of summer—carefree and sensual—and put it to song. Their cover of “Summer Breeze” still gets love decades later and was recently featured on an episode of Scandal. Olivia Pope knows what’s up.


4.    Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris) -- "We Found Love" 

Whether this song was inspired by Rihanna’s real-life drama with Chris Brown or not, we can all relate to finding (and falling for) a man that’s no good for us. We’ve all found love in a hopeless place.


5.      Lana Del Rey -- "Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais remix) 

Sometimes summer romances are just a fling: a magical little thing that comes around and then flutters away when the season’s over. Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” celebrates the highs of falling and the lows of saying goodbye.


6.       Beyonce -- "Summertime" (feat. Diddy)

Beyonce has so many songs that are primed for summer lovin’—“Crazy In Love,” “Fever,” “Speechless”-- but this one says it all in the title. “Summertime” is a sultry ode to waiting for the right one.  Hmm. Could she have been singing about now-hubby Jay Z? The track was initially release on The Fighting Temptations soundtrack but has gone on to become a BeyHive favorite.


7.     Justin Timberlake -- "Summer Love" 

Can a summer romance go the distance? Justin Timberlake hopes so in this track. The retro-flavored “Summer Love” was a standout from JT’s FutureSexy/LoveSounds album. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear a hot guy croon, “I can’t wait to fall in love with you”?


8.       Frank Ocean -- "Novacane" 

  • Some relationships make you feel strange, disoriented.  The highs and lows have you heady, confused and numb. Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” takes the idea of being on novocaine—an anesthesia often used by a dentist—and relates it to love. Root canals and romance often leave you feeling the same way, don’t they?


9.      Aaliyah -- "Hot Like Fire" 

Aaliyah always had a way of teasing us with her smooth vocals and sexy moves. Take a page from Baby Girl’s book and make him beg for it. “Hot Like Fire” is a playful jam about making him wait… just a little before you make him melt.


10.    The Weeknd -- "The Hills"

After all these classics, we had to leave you with something new. The Weeknd has made a career out of seducing us with his woozy, mysterious ways. His latest, “The Hills,” is a dark and sexy jam about the naughty things that happen after 5:00am.

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