The 10 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time, Ranked

'Jaws' actually kind of bites.

By Eric Shorey

We're counting down the seconds until the spookiest night of the year! But with all that anticipation comes a lot of movie-watching. We've done some deep research into the horror genre throughout the month and now we're presenting the results. Here are the 10 greatest horror movies of all time, ranked!

10. Jaws

Jaws is one of the most important horror movies of all time, but it places pretty low on this list becuase have you watched it lately?! Let's be real here: it's boring as hell. The central drama is whether or not a beach should close for the summer. Let those rich Hamptonites get ATE for all I care.

9. Psycho

Psycho is the kind of film that movie-buffs adore but it could never appease a contemporary audience. The drama unfolds too slowly, the psychology is too facile. It may have laid the groundwork for the entire slasher genre, but it's certainly not the greatest of all time.

8. Friday The 13th

Placing Friday The 13th above Psycho may be blasphemous to some but I'm basing this on body count alone. Besides, Norman Bates never went on to fight Freddy Kruger in one of the most deliciously horrid movies ever made: Freddy Vs. Jason.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street

Speaking of Freddy, here he is at number 7. The visual effects of Nightmare remain imminently impressive and the deaths equally as gruesome. Craven's surrealist twist of the slasher formula elevates this movie to heights far beyond its predecessors.

6. The Exorcist

Most horror enthusiasts tend to rank Exorcist higher than this, but we're being iconoclastic and putting this down lower on our list. While the visuals remain haunting, the story itself doesn't have much of a draw for non-Christians. Get your religious solemnity away from me.

5. Hellraiser

Sure, the plot is only vaguely coherent and the characters are all morally bankrupt. But The Cenobites are our #squadgoals god damnit.

4. Dawn of the Dead 

Who doesn't love a horror movie with a healthy dose of anti-capitalist imagery? 

3. Silence of the Lambs

Perfectly shot, acted, written, scored, Silence is the only horror movie ever to win a Best Picture award at the Oscars. Besides, Hannibal Lector is bae. (Actually, Clarice Starling is bae, too.)

2. Alien

This movie introduced to silver screen Goddess Sigourney Weaver, and for that reason alone ranks high. Our Lady of Survival, we pray to you in difficult times.

1. The Shining

Kubrick may have been an aesthetic facist but all that cruelty pays off. The Shining is the most artfully crafted horror movie in history. Don't let Ryan Murphy's bland impressions of it on American Horror Story: Hotel trick you in to forgetting how great the real OG is.

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