The 5 Silliest Questions People Ask The QB Of The Chicago Bliss

Can I throw? Really????

1. Are there uniform malfunctions?

I'm gonna give you one guess. YES. Not too often, but yes, sometimes uniforms are pulled down and in some instances.... pulled up. It's a physical game. We are required to wear undergarments, which help sometimes with these occurrences, but not always.

2. Wait, you're the Quarterback? Can you throw?

I've played Quarterback for five seasons now, and have been able to throw since I was in tee-ball at the age of 5. Yes, I can throw. I mean, have I been in quarterback camps and had coaches drilling me on my form for 15+ years? No. So I don't look like an NFL Quarterback necessarily, but I move in the pocket, scramble when I need to, and get the ball where it is supposed to go. Let's see, this season my QB Rating was 112.7, I was 58/104, had 614 yards in seven games, with a 14/0 TD to INT ratio. I'd say I can throw.... but I guess that's up to you to decide. 

3. What is the LFL? 

When someone hears "LFL" they go straight to Lingerie football. Yes, the LFL was formerly the Lingerie Football League, but more than three years ago now rebranded to the Legends Football League. It is still 7-on-7 tackle, arena-style football, and the uniforms are similar to the naked eye, but things HAVE changed! The "lingerie" aspects of the uniforms have been removed, and rules have gotten much more strict within game play. This is real football and needs to get treated as such.

4. Do you like offense or defense better?

That's like asking if I like hitting or being hit better, right? Personally, I can't decide which I love more. I love playing both sides of the ball so much. And I'm not sure anyone likes "being hit," but it's the idea of avoiding hits, and giving an occasional stiff arm that really thrills me!! You are being hunted, essentially, on offense and I love the adrenaline. Looking at the other side of the ball, now you are the hunter. You look at a formation, know your defensive checks, go HIT, and FIND THE BALL!!! It's the greatest sport and the most fun to play offense and defense. Truthfully, I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't on the field at all times. I'd go crazy on the sidelines, that's for sure.

5. What does your boyfriend think?

Well, my boyfriend is amazing and supports all of my decisions 100%. He loves that I know the game of football (since he played through college), he loves that I'm physical, aggressive, super competitive, and as fit as I am. I challenge him as much as he challenges me and that's what makes us such a great team. If he wasn't such a confident person, I'm sure I would be intimidating or he wouldn't like the uniforms, but with the way our relationship is, me playing football has created a bond between us that can never be broken.

One more quick thing! Our season is OPPOSITE the NFL Schedule, so when the Bears are done, or your team is out... you don't have to wait long! The LFL Season is right around the corner!!! April - September, come out and see a game!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? You can find me on Twitter @HeatherFurr, IG @HeatherFurr and Facebook LFL Chicago Bliss Heather Furr!!

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