The 7 Best Female-Driven Podcasts

Bored at work? These fun, fearless women are coming to the rescue. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Podcasts are making a huge comeback. They’re the perfect way to make your commute, job, or workout more tolerable. Humor, dating, and even murder mysteries -- there’s a podcast for that. Looking to dive into podcasts for the first time or refresh your current playlist? Here are our seven favorite podcasts starring fun and fearless women.  

1. Serial 


This is a Global Tel-Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed.” It’s the podcast that took over the world and helped podcasts make a mainstream resurgence. NPR’s Sarah Koenig takes on the 15-year-old murder case of high school student Hae Min Lee in Baltimore. Through meticulous reporting and investigative journalism, Sarah and her team cast doubt on the guilt of Adnan Syed, Hae’s then-boyfriend who’s serving life in prison for her murder. Aside from becoming everyone’s favorite water cooler conversation, Serialhas been so powerful that it’s helped Adnan receive a special appeals that could give him a new trial.

2Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

Comedian and actress Aisha Tyler (Archer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Whose Line Is It Anyway?) rants above guys, love, sex, comics, bar fights, and other fun stuff. Guest stars have included everyone from Marc Maron to Kristin Schaal to LL Cool J.  

3. Shut Up Weirdo

A call-in show starring two snarky friends. Frangry and Michele take on calls about everything from roommates to the great tacos vs. burritos debate. It’s funny stuff, with past episodes like “That Time You Fell Down” and “That Time You Accidentally Exposed Yourself.” You can call in with a story, but be warned: they're not afraid to mock you mercilessly, or even hang up on you (though, you'll probably deserve it). Technically, it's not a podcast -- it's a weekly radio program on the alternative station WFMU with a podcast offering -- but we couldn't resist putting these one-of-a-kind ladies on the list.  

4. Strangers 

We’re all strangers…or are we? Lea Thau, who helped found the uber successful The Moth podcast, takes on stories of everyday people who find themselves (and each other). Stories can get heavy, tackling issues like transgender relations and bipolar disorder -- and her Danish accent totally makes us want to cry. For starters, we recommend her Love Hurts series, which chronicles Lea’s journey as a single forty-something mother learning to online date after her baby daddy cheated on her.

5. Not Too Deep with Grace 

You want a podcast that isn’t deep? Try Internet sensation Grace Helbig’s podcast. The comedy podcast features random conversations with Grace’s friends and celebrities on pop culture, personal ish and potty talk. 

6. Ask Me Another 

Brainteasers meets local pub trivia in NPR’s popular Ask Me Another, Quizmaster Ophira Eisenberg invites guests and listeners to participate in questions and banter and the results are entertaining.

7. Death, Sex and Money

What are the three things you should never bring up in polite conversation? Anna Sales tackles all three in her Death, Sex and Money podcast. Stories include refreshingly honest celebrity interviews and specials on love, cheating and everything in between. Curl up for some PG-13 fun.

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