The 7 Greatest Animal Performances Of All Time

Get pumped up for the animated musical film Sing by watching the best animal performances we could find on the internet.

If you thought humans were show ponies, you’ve never seen an actual show pony. As it turns out, animals are wonderful performers. Universal’s new animated blockbuster, Sing, in theaters Dec. 21, explores what happens when animals take their talents to the stage. In the cutest singing competition you’ve ever seen, animated animals (with quippy senses of humor and big dreams) go head-to-head in the spirit of Idol and X Factor. You can call it fantasy or fiction, but some real animals were made to shine in front of the camera. Here are the seven greatest animal performances of all time by real life animals. 

1..  Einstein, The Talking Parrot

Einstein is a born performer, and has been on the television circuit for a while now. On America's Got Talent, Einstein gave one of his greatest ever performances in a comedy routine with his human pal.

2..  Trip Hazard, The Cutest Dancing Dog In The World


Trip Hazard’s got the moves. Watch out, Beyonce. This little pup can dance, and melt hearts at the same time. 

3..  Pudsey, The Other Cutest Dancing Dog In The World

Look, we're never going to get sick of dogs who can dance. Pudsey, on Britain’s Got Talent, gives a lively performance that will go down as one of the greatest human-dog dance routines in history.

4..  Sylvester The Incredible Singing Cat


This cat is more of a reluctant performer, or what we’d call a diva, but with pipes like those, who wouldn’t be?

5..  The Best Dancing Horse In The World



Some of the best performances happen naturally. This Texan horse let loose on the beach, and gave us one of the greatest animal dance performances of all time.

6..  The Twerking Piglet



Even animals give the best routines when they’re at home, twerking in front of the mirror to their favourite tune. This piglet shaking its lil butt to Rihanna might just be one of the greatest animal performances we’ve ever seen, even if it is low key.

7..  The Whitney Houston Dog


On Belgium’s Got Talent, this amazing hound belted out “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston--which isn't easy for a human, let alone a pooch!

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