The 7 Most Expensive Pedicures In The World

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Summer is just around the corner...but before breaking out the adorable wedges, strappy heels and flirty flip-flops that have been sitting in your closet, look down. Are your feet summer ready? Also, do you have thousands of dollars to spare? Sure you do! Why not kick it up a notch—literally—with something luxurious. Whether you’re soaking in French spring water, lathering in emu oil, or even letting little fish nibble away at your dead skin (Kim Kardashian couldn’t take this one!) we’ve trekked around the globe for the world’s most expensive and over-the-top foot treatments. 


1. Where: London, Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic and Spa

What: Ultimate Pro Pedicure, featuring emu oil

Cost: $1,250....per foot.


London may be famous for its Royal Family but Margaret Dabbs reigns supreme in the world of pedicures. Known as the “Queen of Feet,” Margaret has taken care of the well-heeled women of London including singer Lily Allen. But it doesn’t come cheap. Forget paying the rent, Margaret’s ultimate signature pedicure costs $1250 per foot (or $2,500 total!) The four-step process starts with a “Biomechanical Assessment” of your feet (using a 3D laser scanner). A laser treatment is next to get rid of nail discoloration, followed by the famous Pro Pedicure, which buffs down calluses with Margaret’s signature crushed crystal file. Sip champagne while your feet are then slathered with emu oil and massaged. Margaret swears the oil will take 10 years off your feet. “Everybody says, ‘”My feet look like I’ve got baby feet!” she promises. 


2.  Where: Abu Dhabi, The Emirates Palace

What: Nail Brightening Session by bastien Gonazalez, featuring mother of pearl dust

Cost:  $250 in New York, $110 in Abu Dhabi


Live like a queen at The Emirates Palace. The palatial 7-star hotel is a lavish oasis-- peacocks preening on manicured lawns, hundreds of Swarovski crystal chandeliers and opulent gold fountains—and the fairytale follows you into the spa. It’s no wonder everyone from Shakira to Rihanna and President Barack Obama have stayed here. The Emirates Palace Spa features the skills of podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez (internationally known as the  “Rolls Royce of foot experts.”) The nail brightening session will change everything you thought about pedicures. Ditch the soak tub. Trained estheticians smooth your dry feet with surgical precision using electric tools. Pesky calluses and corns are removed and nails are dabbed with mother of pearl dust. An aah-inducing massage later and you’re on your way back to your palace, Your Majesty. Dr. G’s nail treatments are available at a variety of luxury hotels including the Mandarin Oriental and Atlantis in Dubai. In New York City, the price is around $250. The Emirates Palace runs around $1500/night for a suite while the Palace Suite can run up to $10,000 per night! The good doctor makes house calls for the truly baller but you need to book him around six weeks in advance. 


3. Where: Greece, My Mykonos Retreat

What: Fish Pedicure, featuring flesh-eating fish (gahh!)

Cost: Your lunch? 

[Photo: Getty Images]

Kim Kardashian will do anything for beauty…including letting fish eat her feet. Say what? In 2013, the reality star freaked out when she received the famous “fish pedicure” while vacationing in Greece. Garra rufa, also called "doctor fish" or "nibble fish" is a species that eats away your dead skin. Sounds like a horror movie, but many across the world (not including Kim) find the natural exfoliation relaxing. Some even claim that it helps those with psoriasis. The pedicure itself is relatively inexpensive, but the Mykonos Retreat where Kim and her family stayed runs around $15,000-25,000 per week. 


4. Where: Toronto, Four Seasons Hotel

What: Luxury Gold Pedicure 

Cost: $110


[Photo: Getty Images]

Want people to worship the ground you walk on? Get a gold pedicure. At the Four Seasons Hotel spa in Toronto, nails and heels are buffed with a Gold Sugar Scrub and Gold Shimmer Oil and accompanied with a nourishing foot treatment made from the “healing thermal waters of Hungary.” We bet your feet have never been nourished with water from Hungary.  All that glitters isn’t gold, but this $110 treatment is well worth the splurge. 


5. Where: Monterey, California, Euphoria Lounge & Spa

    What: Snakeskin Pedicure

    Cost:  $300 (if you can ssssstomach it)



[Photo: Getty Images]


Move your body like a snake, ma. Snakeskin isn’t just for your designer handbag or belt. Oh no. The slithery reptiles give great pedicures. If you’re not squeamish, that is. Terri Silacci, inventor of the skin-crawling pedi, takes the skin that snakes naturally shed and places them onto your toes. She layers the delicate skin on each toe with base color and a chip-resistant topcoat from Bio Sculpture, the gel line that promises your pretty serpent nails will last up to eight weeks. So what kind of snakes does Terri use? She sources from a variety of snakes including pythons—so you can choose from several pattern choices—and says, “Small snakes are usually my favorite. You get a lot more detail per square inch.”


6.  Where: New York City, The Ritz Carlton

What:   White Caviar Pedicure...featuring, you guessed it: caviar!

Cost:  $125



New Yorkers walk everywhere and after a long day of pounding the concrete in stilettos and high heels, you need to treat yourself. Skip the nibble fish and go straight for the caviar. The pricey ingredient, which usually accompanies pricey appetizers and sushi, is massaged all over to treat age spots and nourish your skin. Yum?


7. Where: Shanghai, The Peninsula Spa

    What:  Ginger Foot Buff and a "Shanghai Retreat" 

    Cost:    $435


Amazing/weird feet treatment ingredients don't only come from the sea. In Shanghai, a fresh Ginger Foot Buff will leave your feet smooth, fragrant, and...flavorful. If you're into that kind of thing. The 230-minute treatment also includes a bamboo massage and an age defying facial. If you've got the time and the yuan, go ginger! 


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