The Best And Worst Super Bowl Ads

Steve Harvey apologized, NFL players do hair.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Super Bowl 50 is officially over. The Denver Broncos took the game while Beyonce owned the halftime show. So who won off the field? This year’s Super Bowl commercials—which cost around $5 million for a 30-second spot--ranged from adorable and furry to confusing and offensive. Here are the best and worst ads.

Best funny way to introduce new car features: Hyundai

Hyundai showed off its “car finder” tracker in a funny spot starring Kevin Hart. The comedian uses the new feature to hunt down his daughter’s teenage boyfriend on their first date.

Best way to apologize for an international mistake: T-Mobile

After announcing the wrong Miss Universe winner, Steve Harvey was public enemy #1. Thanks to T-Mobile’s clever ad about Verizon being wrong, Steve Harvey was able to hilariously dust himself off.

Best way to adorably sell shampoo: Pantene

What’s cuter than little girls getting their hair done by dads? Little girls getting their hair done by NFL dads. Pantene’s “Dad-Do” ad featured the very real—and adorable—problem many fathers have when doing their daughters’ hair, while promoting quality father-daughter time. 

Worst way to sell soft drink: Mountain Dew

What happens when you drink Mountain Dew Kickstart? The combo of juice, Dew and caffeine isn’t as gross as the creepy puppymonkeybaby from the ad. 

Worst way to make a car chase racist: Toyota

Toyota wanted to show how cool its Prius is by having bank robbers use it as a getaway car. The all-white gang of robbers make a police chase look like a cute joyride to the farmer’s market. Many viewers found it disturbing. Would the robbers have had so much fun had they been, say, people of color? 

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