The Best Things Ever About “Bad Girls Club”

Anything can happen.

From hilarious pranks to amazing trips, tricks, and twerks, Bad Girls Club has always been full of surprises. Anything can happen on BGC, just like on NBC’s new show, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris premiering Tuesday, September 15 at 10/9c.

Bad Girls Club has had so many jaw-dropping, weave-ripping, booty-twerking great moments over the past 14 seasons. From Tanisha’s legendary pop-off to Judi’s “Breakfast in Bed” prank. Take a look at some of our favorite BGC “bests” below!

1. Best Reunion Moment Ever: Anything Tanisha Says

2. Best Duo Ever: ShanRock

3. Best Dance Move Ever: Shanae

4. Best Prank Ever: Judi's Breakfast in Bed

5. Best Quote Ever: Erika

6. Best Interview Ever: Jasmine

7. Best Booty Pop Ever: Natalie

8. Best Hair Flip Ever: Camilla

9. Best Impression Ever: Redd

10. Best Show Entrance Ever: Teresa On a Yacht

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris premieres Tuesday, September 15 at 10/9c. Get a taste of the best below!

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