The Beygency Is Coming For Lululemon

Lululemon made the mistake of going after Beyonce's Ivy Park... Now the Beygency is coming.

By Kat George

If there's one important thing we can learn from SNL, it's that the Beygency will come for you if you insult its exhaulted Queen Beyonce. Lululemon learned this lesson, and learned it hard, when the athletic wear brand came at Beyonce after she annouced the launch of her own active wear range, Ivy Park. Lululemon took to Twitter to write that Beyonce must be "Crazy In Love" with their brand, suggesting that she copied them to start her own. This did not go down well. The comment was since deleted from their Twitter, but the Internet always screenshots:

Let's be clear here: if Beyonce wanted to "copy" someone, it wouldn't be mid-life crisis brand sportswear (yeah I went there). A world where Beyonce would stoop to that level is a world I don't want to live in. Meanwhile, the Ivy Parks line looks nothing like anything Lululemon has on offer, save for the fact that it's work out gear. The Beyhive immediately got in formation to show their resentment.

Lululemon instantly went into damage control, desperately begging the Beyhive for forgiveness. The brand not only deleted the offending Tweet (as if that does anything in an age of "command/shift/3" anyway), Lululemon individually Tweeted at angry fans, which must have been an overwhelming task, considering the hoards that came.

The moral of the story? Don't poke the Beygency beast.

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