The Beyhive Accidentally Dragged Rachael Ray Instead Of Jay Z's Actual Alleged Mistress

Instead of going after Jay Z's alleged mistress Rachel Roy, Beyonce fans attacked TV chef Rachael Ray.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Wrong Rachel, guys! Beyonce's newest album, Lemonade, shocked fans not only because of its stunning artistry, but because- in many of the songs- Beyonce seems to openly talk about being cheated on. The Beyhive, always ready to defend the honor of their queen, took to social media to drag the woman who dared to complicate Bey's relationship, referred to in the lyrics as "Becky With The Good Hair."

It wasn't long before internet detectives figured out that "Becky" was probably fashion designer Rachel Roy, who's been linked to Jay Z for years. (It also didn't help that Roy kinda outed herself by throwing shade at Beyonce after Lemonade dropped, either.)

Naturally, the Beyhive wasted no time in swarming. The only problem? Some of them went after the wrong Rachel. TV chef Rachael Ray got caught in the crossfire when angry fans flooded her Instagram and Twitter posts with lemon and bee emojis.

People were confused, and even sympathetic to poor Rachael.

Let this be a lesson to us all: never get on the wrong side of the Beyhive, even accidentally.

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