The "Cash Me Ousside" Girl Started An Insane Bar Brawl (Video)

Danielle and her friends came to blows with customers sitting outside a bar, and it got messy.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Danielle Bregoli is at it again, and this time she had help.

According to TMZ, Bregoli — made internet famous by her catchphrase "Cash me outside" — was out with friends on Saturday night in Lake Worth, Florida, when things took a dramatic turn.

13-year-old Bregoli and her two girlfriends, who also looked to be teenagers, were walking past a bar when patrons sitting at the patio recognized Bregoli and began yelling her catchphrase. According to TMZ's sources, everything was friendly at first, with Bregoli offering to take selfies with people for $10 a pic, but then things went left when Bregoli started going back-and-forth with some of the customers. One of her friends started physically attacking them, which prompted a handful of people to chase them down the street. At the same time, another fight between other bar patrons broke out.

Honestly, it was a mess, so you already know someone got video of the whole thing. You can check it out below.

[Photo: Youtube]

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