The Cop Daniele Watts Accused Of Racism May Have To Pay $10k For Leaking Audio

How's that sound?

Actress Daniele Watts, who is best known for her part in Django Unchained, has been on a long and unpleasant journey ever since September 11, 2014. That’s when local Peeping Toms called the cops on her and her boyfriend for what they allege was the two having sex in their car in full view of everybody. Watts insisted at the time, and still insists, that nothing of the kind happened. She believes she was the subject of racial profiling, taken into custody because she is a black woman seen kissing a white man in public. But that didn’t win her anything in court.

At the time, the couple pleaded no contest to the charges, which was accepted on the condition that they apologize to the officers involved. The judge made Watts try twice, before deciding neither of her written apologies were sincere enough to pass muster, and sentenced Watts and her boyfriend to fifteen days of community service.

One of the officers at the scene, LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker, retired shortly after the media frenzy around the case exploded his life. He is now being charged by the Los Angeles Ethics Committee for his part in exposing Watts, after he leaked audio from the scene of the arrest in which Watts can be heard ranting at the officers after they place her in handcuffs. The audio was used to discredit Watts’ claims that her arrest was racially motivated—in comparison to the officers she does sound pretty wild, but I can imagine myself letting loose in a similar way were I in her position.


I suppose it all hinges on whether you think she really was having sex in public or not?! Either cops were being racist or an actor was being crazy, both seem possible.


The LAPD opened an internal affairs inquiry which led to Parker being accused of  insubordination for speaking to the media without permission. According to TMZ, the Commissions lawyer is now trying to cut a deal with Parker, asking him to admit guilt and pay $2,500, but Parker isn’t backing down. He may soon be on the hook for $10,000 or maybe a very sincere apology letter.


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