The Famous "Bleeding" Veggie Burger Is Here

A team of scientists spent $80 million over five years to develop this plant-based burger.

Veggie burgers are more popular than ever but any carnivore will tell you that they just can't compare to the real thing. Made of soy, vegetables or tofu, veggie burgers don't have the meaty taste or juicy consistency of real beef. That might change with the introduction of the Impossible Burger.

The plant-based Impossible Burger—also known as the bleeding burger—arrives at Chef David Chang's Momofuku Nishi in New York City. According to Eaterit's the first time the burger (which has backers like Bill Gates) is available at a restaurant. "I was genuinely blown away when I tasted the burger....The Impossible Foods team has discovered how to re-engineer what makes beef taste like beef," says Chang. "We think this makes a delicious burger."

A team of scientists spent $80 million over five years to develop a veggie burger that tastes and has the consistency (thus, the "bleeding") like real meat. Some of the ingredients include: textured wheat protein, coconut oil, and "natural flavors." 

From the promo photo, it looks pretty juicy and delicious.

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