The First Kale-Eating Contest Was As Gross As You Imagine

“It’s the new frontier food in major league eating." Hmmm.....

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The days of hot dog and pie-eating contests may be numbered. Americans are going crazy for clean eating. This weekend, the world's first kale-eating contest Kale Yeah! took place for health-conscious competitive eaters.

On Saturday, the first kate-eating world record was set at the Taste of Buffalo in New York by Gideon “The Truth” Oji. According to First We Feastthe 24-year-old scarfed down 25.5 bowls of the green stuff and took home the “Kale Cup” trophy. The eaters weren't daintly nibbling the kale either. Reportedly, in order to eat massive amounts of kale, they guzzled down Tang and Gatorade and made a green and gross mess.


“It’s the new frontier food in major league eating,” said competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti to The Guardian. He already holds titles for corn on the cob and French green beans and wants more veggie-eating competitons. 

And they're off #kaleyeah #eatingcompetition #tasteofbuffalo

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As for The Truth, not even 25 bowls of kale was filling. “I’m still hungry,” he said afterwards. “I’m going to go eat some real food.” Proof that kale sucks.


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