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The First Latina Member Of SNL Ruined Our Joy With Very Racist Tweets

Melissa Villaseñor even had the audacity to insult the #Beyhive.

Another day, another idiot tweet. While the news about SNL's first Latina cast member – comedian Melissa Villaseñor - was a celebratory (brief) moment, a few who went to congratulate the leading lady on her victory stumbled upon some very lame activity. Who knew it would lead to a complete sh*tshow?

Last week, tweeter Aura Bogado @aurabogado, excited about the news, went to find Villaseñor to check her out, as we all do in this day and age. The first thing she noticed was that her page was private. She noticed that -- over the time of waiting to be accepted -- Villaseñor's tweet numbers had dramatically decreased by 2,000.

Still... it seemed like a normal thing. She may have tweeted personal things that she didn't want exposed, you know? It's not like she had millions of followers.

So, when Bogado finally gained access (four days later) she congratulated Villaseñor.

But oh, how things quickly change... Bogado discovered, and began retweeting some less than steller (and more like offensive) tweets that Villaseñor obviously looked over, or didn't deem bad enough to delete. Racism warning, but also, Beyhive warning.

Tweeter @ReignOfApril scrubbed a few other racist tweets as well, including:

Of course, these are all deleted now. But, Twitter doesn't forget.

Once Bogado and Reign's tweets started to spread,  other people began to chime in, and well... 

Yikes! SNL has yet to respond to the controversy, but it's definitely not the best foot to start on. At this point, you would think that people were smart enough to just wipe their entire history clean if they've been less than PC. We should be celebrating the diversity on SNL, but this woman pretty much ruined it. I'll take a wild guess that she'll make a blanket statement in a few days, ask for forgiveness of her "past." Boo, girl, bye. Next!

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