The Frankie Grande Glitter App Needs To Be A Real Thing. Seriously.

How would you like to call #FrankieGrande like an Uber? #WorstPostEver

Frankie Grande’s half-hour special Worst Post Ever doesn’t air until Tue., Aug. 18 — but we got our hands on this sneak peek a week early. What’s remarkable about this skit from the show, whether the producers realize it or not, is that it’s a brilliant idea in real life. Think we're kiddig? We're not. The premise is that if you’re having an awkward time, Frankie is "a click away" via an app that calls him to your location like an Uber. But unlike an Uber, he'll sprinkle glitter all over the scene and solve your problems. Come on, Frankie fans! Is it so far-fetched to think Frankie could make an app only available to people in Los Angeles? Maybe it could be an Oxygen show...

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