The Game Is Very Happy He's Not Going To Jail For Punching An Off-Duty Cop

“The American justice system is okay with me.”

By Aimée Lutkin

In all the other things The Game has been involved with lately, especially when it comes to assault, it completely slipped by me that he punched an off-duty cop. That’s a pretty huge thing to overlook, but The Game is very busy getting accused of hitting random people so it slipped by. The punch happened in March of 2015, when a cop named Onyebuchi Awaji got a sock in the eye at a basketball game.

The officer was awarded $100,00 out of The Game’s pocket, but the decision over the attacker’s punishment was just announced.

TMZ reports that as part of a plea deal, The Game got 3 years probation and is required to attend 26 anger management classes. According to him, this is a huge relief. Not many people hit a cop and escape jail time.

In a video he says, “The American justice system is okay with me,” then explains that the case weakened as witnesses stepped forward. Not sure what witnesses could say, because that guy obviously got punched, but maybe if someone is really annoying on the court you get a free pass:

Most celebrities probably feel the same...

[Photo: Getty]

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