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The Game Tried To Use A Tooth Infection To Halt His Sexual Assault Case

He even had a note from his dentist.

The Game has been embroiled in a sexual assault case recently, and according to TMZ, cited his tooth pain as a reason to delay the trial.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, The Game's dentist wrote a letter to the judge explaining that the rapper shouldn't have to travel to Illinois for the trial because he has a severe tooth/sinus infection that needs to be monitored daily. He went on to say that The Game would need extensive oral surgery, but would be ready to travel again after November 25 once his treatment is complete.

The judge shot down the request, and the trial went on as scheduled; the court ruled in his accuser's favor late last week and ordered the rapper to pay Priscilla Rainey $7 million. According to TMZ's sources, The Game and his camp are planning to appeal the decision.

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