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The Good News: Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Light up! Twenty percent of adults now live in states where marijuana is legal.

Tired of talking politics? Here are some good vibes from last night's election: California, Massachusetts, and Nevada have joined a growing list of states to make recreational marijuana legal.

According to the New York Timesrecreational weed was already legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, D.C. With the latest results, more than 20 percent of adults live in states where marijuana is legal. That's a big deal that could represent a shift in how society as a whole views weed and how law enforcement deals with it.

Representative Earl Blumenauer, Democrat of Oregon and pro-legalization, predicts that the government will soon treat weed like alcohol or cigarettes; letting adults consume it within regulations. “The new administration is not going to want to continue this toxic and nonproductive war on drugs,” he explains. 

“I think of this victory in California as a major victory,” says Lauren Mendelsohn of  Students for Sensible Drug Policy. “It shows the whole country that prohibition is not the answer to the marijuana question.”

Gallup poll last month found that a whopping 60 percent of adults surveyed nationally support legalization. Light up.

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