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The Grammys' Country Music Committee Rejected Beyonce's Song 'Daddy Lessons'

We can't possibly imagine why...

Can you believe Beyonce's masterpiece, Lemonade, dropped earlier this year? When the album was released in April there were plenty of surprises, but one big shock was the presence of a rousing country song plopped right in the middle of the 13-track LP. Despite sweeping the Grammys with nine nominations in other categories and genres, "Daddy Lessons" has not picked up any awards in the country music category. What's up with that?

An unnamed source told the AP that the song was flat out rejected by the award ceremony's country music committee, but they wouldn't say why. The source "spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not allowed to speak publicly about the topic."

Furthermore: "If Beyonce's song had made it through, it would have been eligible for honors such as Best Country Song and Country Solo Performance."

"Daddy Lessons" has become a rather controversial track after Queen Bey performed the song alongside The Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards. Fans of the genre were not so happy to see Bey at their show and let everyone know over Twitter. The CMAs later wiped any record of the performance from the Internet without explanation.

Gee, do you think racism has anything to do with this? No, couldn't be!

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