The Guy Who Fought Justin Bieber Said Biebs "Reeked Of Alcohol"

Lamont Richmond claims Bieber started the fight.

By Jazzi Johnson

Yesterday, it was reported that Justin Bieber got into a physical altercation with a fan-- and there was video to back it up. Well today, the man that Bieber fought is speaking out.

According to TMZhis name is Lamont Richmond. As his story goes, Bieber is the one who started the fight. Richmond -- who is 6'5 -- details the story as follows: He and his two female friends were leaving a bar when they saw Justin outside of the Westin in Cleveland. Lamont claims that he, his two friends, and the Biebs began to chill and talk for some time outside, which can be seen in photos.

This is where the tides turned.

Lamont says that he then asked Bieber if his two friends could take a picture with him and get a signature for memorabilia, and his response was "No autographs tonight, motherf*cker." As told by TMZ, Lamont then claims that Bieber, reeking of alcohol, puffed "his chest up," and began to swing at him. Richmond says he was attempting to restrain the famous pop singer. Had he went "full force," he says, the outcome would have been much worse.

Lamont Richmond plans to sue... and who could really blame him if his story rings true?

Watch the video. Do you believe him?

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