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The Holidays Are The Best Time to Date -- Here's Why

Feeling lonely? The holidays are the best time to start dating!

This time of the year can suck for singles. From awkward conversations with your family at Thankgiving to going stag—again— to your holiday office party, the holidays were made for two. It's no surprise then, that dating app usage spikes like crazy between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Stop sulking and get to swiping. Here's why the holidays are the perfect time to get out there and find love. You can always dump them on January 2.

Holiday Events Are Terrible By Yourself

There are few occasions that really require a plus-one and for some reason, they're all crammed in between November and January. Holiday parties, office functions, ice skating, New Year's Eve are so much better with a partner. No one wants to be the sad, dateless wonder under the mistletoe. Unless, ya know, you're happy. In which case, rad. 

Cuffing Season

Baby it's cold outside! The temps are dropping and the days are shorter. Tis the season to hold hands, drink eggnog and cuddle up with that special someone.

Turkey Drop

The holidays are stressful on relationships and can magnify all those annoying problems that you swept under the rug all year. Breakups peak around this time in a phenomenon known as the "Turkey Drop." With all these newly-single people on the market, it's time to get out there!


Holiday shopping is only fun when you have a special someone to shop for. Playing Secret Santa, scouring stores and checking your list twice for bae's perfect present is great. Plus, getting gifts from bae is pretty nice too.

Holiday Music Is So Emo


Holiday music is so emo! From "Let It Snow" to "Baby It's Cold Outside," every song is so sappy and about happy, lovey dovey couples. Does anyone really want to listen to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" alone? Well, I do, because I like to sing along and nobody wants that. 

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