The Hottest Pizza Of The Summer Is Watermelon

This is the healthiest pizza you'll ever eat.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Craving pizza but on a diet? Healthy eaters are going crazy over the summer's hottest pizza: watermelon pizza.


The fresh "pies" are juicy watermelon carved into a round crust and topped with ingredients like feta cheese, mint, granola, yogurt, honey, nuts, berries and other fruits. It sort of looks like pizza but perfect for vegans and dieters. “On a hot day, there’s nothing more refreshing,” says health blogger Jessica Hoffman to the NY Post. “The possibilities are endless!” 

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Watermelon pizza is definitely healthier than the standard dough topped with gobs of mozzarrella cheese and salty pepperoni. However, all that fruit comes at a price. “It’s full of water, vitamins and anti-oxidants," says nutritionist Amy Shapiro. But, “too much of even natural sugar is bad.”

Everything in moderation.

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