The Internet Can't Get Over How Hot Ice Cube's Son Is

He's really, really good-looking.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Straight Outta Compton broke tons of box office records and has been generally well-received by critics. That's great and everything, but have you seen Ice Cube's son out of character? O'Shea Jackson Jr. portrayed his father in the much-talked-about biopic, but it's his everyday look that's got fans talking.

O'Shea, now dubbed "O'Bae" by ladies of the Twitterverse, is inspiring thirst in the hearts of many. And for good reason: he cleans up nicely. Just see for yourself.

And people have definitely been noticing.ย 

Even O'Shea has been feeling himself. Follow him on Twitterย and Instaย to keep up with what's next for "O'Bae" Jackson Jr.



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