The Internet Found A Way To Drag Taylor Swift Into Kim Kardashian's Robbery

Of course they did.

By Aimée Lutkin

It’s not the most original sentiment, but people can really be total a*sholes on the internet. Kim Kardashian is everyone’s favorite punching bag, but she’s also rich and famous and doesn’t give two craps about anyone’s opinion of her. But if someone getting tied up by robbers, left bound and gagged doesn’t stir some sympathy in you, you need to get your head checked out. You may hate Kim as a celebrity, but wishing violence on someone else is not an appropriate response to finding their tweets annoying.

Well, no one cares what I think. Some people were quick to drag Kim, going to the very depths of their psyche by wishing she’d been murdered or sexually assaulted all over Twitter and Facebook. And then they dragged Taylor Swift into it.

The Swift Bad Blood memes were thick on the ground, with pics of Swift “laughing about Kim getting robbed” and “planning her attack”:

Sigh. Taylor Swift would never have someone robbed as revenge, except of a Grammy (maybe).

If Kim is online at all, she's probably only checking the mentions of people she actually follows. And they’re all supportive:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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