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The Internet Is Fighting Over The Color Of These Sneakers

Teal and gray or pink and white? 

You probably remember the dress, but have you seen the sneakers?

The debate on whether the dress was white and gold or black and blue has long since died down, but now the internet is divided yet again, this time over the color of a pair of sneakers.

Twitter user @TFILDOLANS originally posted the pic of a pair of Vans that are either teal and gray or pink and white, depending on who you ask.

Some are arguing that the shoes are pink and white...


Others are firmly on #TeamTealAndGray.

Don't get too riled up, though; internet detectives may have already solved this mystery. Some on Twitter have been reposting an edited version of the original photo and explaining that the difference in color is down to lighting and bad camera quality. They may be on to something, too. As Today pointed out, the shoes are listed on the Vans website as being "mahogany rose/true white."

What colors do you see?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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