The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Beyoncé's Hot Cousin

Have you seen the picture that's got everyone on the Internet losing their mind?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It can't be easy to stand out while you're standing next to Beyoncé. Queen Bey has the kind of beauty and presence that tends to eclipse everyone and everything within a five-mile radius.

Well, Kristin Douglas, Beyoncé's cousin, has managed to do the impossible. Beyoncé attended her uncle's funeral in Texas over the weekend, and a snapshot of the "Formation" singer standing with two of her cousins has the Internet losing their collective mind. Not only is everyone freaking out over how good Douglas looks in the photo (she's the one in the blue dress), some are even saying she outshone the queen herself. I know, I know - blasphemy!

Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip

A photo posted by Kristin Douglas (@simplykristinmd) on

People lost their minds, and because it's impossible to compliment one woman without slamming other women in the process, it wasn't long before the "she looks better than Beyoncé" comments started.

Honestly, why can't all three of them look good? Let's stop pitting women against each other, especially when those women are related to one another. Yes, Douglas rocked the hell out of that blue dress, but her sister on the left looked fabulous too, while Beyoncé looked amazing as always. At the end of the day, all three women were attending a funeral, and for strangers to turn that into a contest of "Who looked the hottest?" is sexist and downright shameful.

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