The Kardashians Are Afraid Rob Is Going Broke Because Of Blac Chyna

According to sources, they want Rob to chill out on the lavish gifts, but he won't listen.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is Rob Kardashian in over his head with Blac Chyna? According to reports, that's what his family thinks.

Sources close to the famous family told Page Six that Rob feels pressured to, well, keep up with the Kardashians. Chyna's ex Tyga had a habit of showering her with gifts, and Rob wants to keep up appearances and impress his girl with lavish gifts of his own.

The problem with Rob wanting to spoil Chyna is that he doesn't have the Keeping Up With The Kardashians money you might expect him to - he hasn't been on the same financial footing as the rest of his uber rich family since he quit the reality show over a year ago. And his sock line, Arthur George, just isn't banking in a whole lot.

Still, despite his comparatively modest income, and the fact that he just bought his fiancée a new purple Lamborghini in April, Page Six's source claims that Rob has big plans. "Rob wants to buy her a new car... She wants a brand-new house before their baby is born," their sources claim. "His family wants him to slow down. They're [thinking], 'Is this really how you want to spend money when youre about to have a family?'"

It's all for love, though.

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