The Kardashians Are Being Sued For 'Kardashian Beauty' & All Parties Are Angry

Ten million is pretty steep.

By Aimée Lutkin

The Kardashians are back at it again with the bizarre product lawsuits. There was the bullsh*t detox tea, then the faulty “waist trainers,” and now a makeup company is taking them to court.

While we all thought that the Kardashians had a makeup line called Kardashian Beauty, which recently released a pretty affordable contouring kit, it seems we were all duped. There is a company called Haven Beauty that recently started posting publicity about their brand new makeup collection... called Kardashian Beauty. And the Kardashians were like, what’s that now?

According to TMZ, The Kardashians’ rep released a statement saying: "Over the weekend, new cosmetic products were announced on the Kardashian Beauty cosmetic social media pages with pictures and statements from Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe. The three Kardashian sisters are not in business with this cosmetic company."

“The people selling the Kardashian Beauty brand and their predatory owners knew this and are attempting to mislead the Kardashians' fans by stating that the Kardashians are still involved," it continued. "This outrageous conduct is a legal matter and will be dealt with accordingly."

It is indeed a legal matter now, because Haven Beauty is now calling the Kardashians a bunch of lying liars and suing them. In legal documents, Haven is alleging that they had a deal with the family which they are now trying to weasel their way out of. The company is suing them for $10 million dollars for breaking the deal and for all of the sh*t talking. There’s no safe place to go to get away from Haven.



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