The Kardashians Have Finally Released Their Kontour Kit

The "No Apologies" contour package seems to compete with their sister Kylie's Lip Kits.

By Aimée Lutkin

*Update: 7/15/16: The Kardashians have released a statement detailing that they are not personally involved with the Kardashian Beauty brand. The creators of the brand, Haven Beauty, have therefore filed a lawsuit claiming that the Kardashians are unlawfully pulling out of a makeup deal and slandering their company's reputation. Read the original post below.


It feels like contouring has just gone out of style, but the Kardashians are now releasing their official contouring palettes. Soon enough we’ll be reading that Kim Kardashian is going “no make up” like Alicia Keys-- oh wait, that already happened. Well anyway, for us lowly peasants who still choose to live done-up with makeup, meet the Fierce Collection:


The Collection includes three “No Apologies” face kits, which means eight eyeshadows, one highlighter, and a blush. That seems like a disproportional amount of options for your eyelids, but I guess that’s the easiest thing to switch up. There are also eight shades of foundation plus four shades of "Koncealer" and two "Kontour Kases." If you’re freaked out by King Kylie’s “F” grade on her lip color manufacturing, the Fierce Collection also offers 9 new lipstick shades, though reports from the factory have not been released.

One positive aspect is that everything on sale is under $17, so it’s pretty affordable. And the big item, the “Kontour Kase” is only $15.99.

The Kardashian Beauty line is described as follows: “Whether contouring, concealing or highlighting, this trio of silky soft creams multitasks for any look. It’s the kit you need to keep your facial curves kickin’.”

Ow! My facial curves kicked too hard.

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