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The Kardashians Threw A Baby Shower Without Chyna, So Rob Retaliated Against Kylie

Rob is pissed off and firing back at his family big time for ignoring the mother of his child.

Some serious drama popped off among the Kardashian family last night. In case you were asleep, blissfully unaware of the mess that was unfolding on Twitter, here's what happened: Rob Kardashian hopped on Twitter out of nowhere and posted his sister Kylie's phone number not once, but twice, along with a dozen laugh-crying emojis. And just to make sure you knew it was actually him, he added, "I ain't hacked either this is rob dog lol."

So what caused all this random drama? Rob revealed it in his next tweet, writing, "Didn't invite the mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me!!? You all must have lost your damn minds."


How do you throw a baby shower and not invite the woman actually carrying the baby? That is a new level of pettiness, honey. So much for the beef between them all being squashed. I'm willing to bet that the Kardashian women just couldn't handle not being the center of attention for an entire night - especially since the person they'd have to give up the spotlight for would be none other than Blac Chyna, a woman who used to be their mortal enemy and whom they fought with endlessly until she came out on top. I guess that's a piece of humble pie they just couldn't choke down.

Rob even clapped back at people who criticized him. After a commenter called him a loser, Rob wrote, "I'm a loser because I stand up for my woman and want her to be included in my FIRST baby shower ever and enjoy the moments of being a first time dad??? Shut the f**k up h**."


So what's going to happen next? Is Kylie going to start posting passive aggressive Snapchats? Is Khloe going to do her usual thing of subtweeting people about going against "the family"? I don't know, but it's definitely going to be ridiculous and I can't wait.

This settles it, though: Rob is absolutely the messiest Kardashian, don't be fooled. Remember when he was all about staying out of the spotlight and not being involved in drama? Now he's trying to get shine on the biggest debate night of the year and is morphing into an (undoubtedly) super reality star. Oh, how times have changed.

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