The Kids In Big Freedia's "Drop" Video Dance Better Than You Ever Will

Freedia celebrates her freedom with a new video.

Big Freedia, figurehead of the New Orleans bounce music genre and a literal vision of seraphic light from the Heavens, won't be going to jail any time soon. Coinciding with the announcement of her sentencing, the juggernaut of positivity debuted a video for the song "Drop." The visuals feature a crew of dancing children that will make you feel some type of way about the limits of the human body and the vibrance of youth.

No, seriously, these kids in this video are so talented that it's hard to watch them without gasping and screaming. Check it out:

"Making this video was almost as fun as recording the track," said Big Freedia to THUMP. "We did a casting call for young dancers and these kids slayed! I couldn't believe my eyes. They bring such good energy for the beat that Diplo and Snake did."

The song previously appeared on the Entourage movie soundtrack.

With the announcement of Freedia's freedom, it's looking like the Queen of Bounce won't have to suspend her current tour. She'll be visiting New York, New Jersey, Alabama, Philly, DC, Arizona, and Massachusetts all in the next few months. 

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