The LAPD Thinks The Beyhive Hacked Rachel Roy

Too far, guys.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It looks like the Beyhive may have gone too far - at least, the LAPD seems to think so.

But let me backtrack a second. Unless you live under a rock, there's no way you missed the "Becky With The Good Hair" drama, but just in case you did: Beyonce's Lemonade made numerous references to infidelity within her marriage, and called out "Becky With The Good Hair" for being a side chick in her song "Sorry."

Enter Rachel Roy: a fashion designer who's been tangled up in rumors about Jay Z for years. What also didn't help is when she posted some Instagram bait shortly after Lemonade debuted, captioning a photo with "Good Hair Don't Care."

Well, naturally, the Beyhive attacked, roasting her to high heaven for being a side chick. Now TMZ reports that a few days after the drama popped off, Roy called the authorities, reporting that her Gmail and iCloud accounts had been hacked, and her cell phone number had been changed without her permission.

According to TMZ's sources, Rachel believes the Beyhive is behind it all, and the LAPD agrees. Though they don't have any individual suspects yet, the investigation is ongoing, so the Beyhive may want to lay low for a while.



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