The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Texts, Revealed

Nothing is private, Taylor Swift.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Text messages can make us laugh, make us cry and can get us in a whole lot of trouble. Beware of the power of the screenshot. Recently, football star Victor Cruz was outed for cheating when his fiancé sent a group text to all of his side chicks. Insert dizzy face emoji. This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has totally been dragged for sending the wrong texts to the wrong person.  Here are the most embarrassing celebrity texts—revealed.

1. Tiger Woods

The golf phenom’s marriage and reputation as “the nice guy” went caput after texts—awkward and raunchy ones-- to his many mistresses surfaced. Here are screens he sent to a “porn model.”

(Source: Business Insider)

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is America’s sweetheart and her alleged leaked texts to ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas are pretty embarrassing—in how PG they are.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

3. Lil Wayne and Karrine Stephens

Karrine Stephens (aka Superhead) wanted the world to know she was done dealing with Lil Wayne romantically (after six years of on-again-off-again). She leaked their text convo in which she refers to him as both an “icon” and a “stripper fucking joke.” The worst part is, she leaves the door open to reconcile. Fail! 

(Source: Gossip On This)

4. Casper Smart

Casper, Jennifer Lopez’s sometimes boy toy, was blocked after he was found allegedly sending texts to a transgender model. 

5. Charlie Sheen

Why was actor Charlie Sheen texting Teen Mom album Farrah Abraham? And he proposed a play date with their kids? Ew, gross.

6. Osi Umenyiora

The best way to get your side chick mad is by getting married. NFL baller Osi Umenyiora  learned this when he and his argued about cutting off sex—she wanted to, he didn’t—after he “jumped the broom.

Source: Black Sports Online

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