The Top 10 Weirdest Dating Apps

Calling all tall people, sugar daddies, and farmers! 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lovelorn, love sick or just sick of love? There’s an app for that. Want to meet sexy farmers or surfers in your area? There’s also an app for that. Need a sugar daddy to pay them bills? Ditto. What about a place you can bribe someone into loving you? Oh yes. No matter who you are and what your type is (even if you ain’t got no type, word to Rae Sremmurd), there’s a dating app or website out there just for you. We’ve rounded up our definitive guide to strange, unique and downright crazy dating…and you thought Tinder was too much.

1. Carrot Dating

Here bunny! Sometimes you need to dangle something pretty in front of your future bae to get some action. Bribe yourself to love on Carrot Dating. There are some obvious carrots like lunch and spa dates, but this app leaves it open for how PG-13 you wanna get… if you get our drift. 

2. Seeking Arrangement

I ain’t saying she a golddigger...but she can find you a rich, successful (and likely much older) man on a sugar daddy website like Seeking Arrangement. According to the site, the “arrangement” is like a business deal in which you (the younger, hottie) plays the trophy to your baller boo. Got some extra dough? Sugar Mommas also welcome.

3. Farmers Only

"City folks just don’t get it"…the tagline to Farmers Only says it all. If you own a John Deere tractor and like to plant stuff, find likeminded country love right here.

4. Date Surfers


Catch a wave and find your next catch. Surfers are lean, tan and play by their own rules. Swoon! The app Date Surfers offers all the surfers a girl or guy could want.

5. Soul Geek

1 + 1 = 2? Let your inner fan-girl run free, on this geek-friendly dating site. Soul Geek offers romance for nerds, dweebs, sci-fi freaks and anime heads. How do you say, “Love” in Klingon? 

6. Tall Friends

You must be this tall for this ride! Tall Friends is a dating site for tall singles and tall admirers. If you want a 6’4” honey, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hurt your neck.

7. Pet People Meet

Must Love Dogs. Are you a dog or a cat person (or eeks, a snake person?!)? Pet owners usually like other pet owners, and Pet People Meet is one of many that brings them together. No longer will your date be afraid of your dog, or deathly allergic to your cat. There's an app for that.

8. Green Singles

Mmm this you’re as sweet as raw cane sugar. Green Singles hooks up eco-conscious and kind of crunchy, granola singles.

9. Spiritual Singles

Om. If your chakras are aligned and you’re one with the Universe, find a fellow conscious orb of energy on Spiritual Singles.

10. Sly Dial

Don’t you hate calling someone and having to actually, like talk to them? Small talk, awkward pauses, ums… No more! Sly Dial lets you call your sweetie and goes straight to voicemail. No more phone jitters...just your cool-as-a-cucumber message. 

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