The Top 9 Celebrity Meltdowns Of All Time

Is it just me, or has Hollywood gone tame since these incidents?

By Jazzi Johnson

Is it just me, or is there an air of celebrity humbleness this year? Where are the meltdowns? Where are the broken glasses, coke-on-nose residue, and television interview outbursts? Maybe Hollywood has gone tame. Eerily, it feels too tame. Even with all of the Kardashian-Jenner and Azealia Banks news, how juicy can it really get when none of them even drink alcohol?

For the sake of schadenfreude, here are the top 9 celebrity meltdowns of all time.

1. . Mariah Carey

2. . Martin Lawrence

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If anyone can top a Mariah Carey meltdown, it's definitely Martin Lawrence. In 1997, the iconic comedian brandished a gun in the street, scaring tourists and onlookers nearby. Not to mention it was on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles-- a hot spot to say the least. Similarly, rumors about his erratic behavior began on the movie set of his now famous A Thin Line Between Love And Hate, where it was said he was taking psychotic drugs and having violent outbursts. By the time this incident rolled around, whatever was taking place had reached its height. He was arrested for gun possession and was sent to rehab for recovery. He also famously (and hilariously) talks about how it all went down in his stand-up comedy, RunTelDat, clearly following in the footsteps of his idol Richard Pryor.

3. . Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is finally back on the upswing (minus that questionable tattoo he just got on his face), but he's still better off than he was just a few years ago. In probably the worst year the young buck can recall in his life, Bieber had a brutal breakup with Selena Gomez (who is still struggling to make everyone else forget about), an exhausting tour, an SNL gaffe, and even a public fainting spell. Among the most embarrassing of them had to be the scuffle he had-- with a photographer nonetheless-- that was caught on camera. In an attempt to get to his SUV, Bieber jutted out aggressively past a photographer who then yelled some obscene words at the Canadian, telling the "little moron" to go "back to America." Alright, then. Bieber then came out swinging, and had to be restrained by his very own body guard. It's hard out here for a heartthrob.

4. . Amanda Bynes

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