The Top 9 Most Memorable 'Sex And The City' Celebrity Guest Stars

Watch them on Saturday's all-day marathon on Oxygen! #SexInTheCity 

By Valerie Williams

There's a lot of reasons Sex and the City was so much fun to watch. One was all the sex, obviously. But the long list of celebrities who guest starred is another. You never knew who might pop up to play a love interest of one of the four women -- or sometimes they would even play themselves. Let's go down the list of some very memorable Sex and the City celebrity guest stars, all of whom will appear during Oxygen's all-day marathon on Saturday, July 18. 

1. Bradley Cooper

In the episode “They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?” Bradley Cooper plays the hot, young date of Carrie who heads out to buy cigarettes and comes back with the issue of The New Yorker featuring Carrie looking not-so-hot and her "single and fabulous…?" question mark. Bradley was a nobody back then but the former Sexiest Man Alive has certainly made himself known now!

2. Will Arnett

In season two’s episode “La Douleur Exquise”, Miranda dates a man played by Will Arnett who only wants to have sex in places where the couple might get caught. As it turns out, they do get caught – at his house, by his parents. Can we say awkward?

3. Jon Bon Jovi

In another season two episode, "Games People Play," Carrie tries going to therapy to cure her of her Big obsession only to meet a cute guy named Seth, played by Jon Bon Jovi. He is in therapy because he loses interest in girls after he sleeps with them. Carrie only finds this out…after she sleeps with him. Natch.

4. John Slattery

We know him best now as Roger Sterling from Mad Men but years before that, he played a season three love interest of Carrie, a politician named Bill Kelley. After relentlessly pursuing her, even showing up on her doorstep, Carrie finally agrees to date him. Only later does she find out that her sweet and perfect politician boyfriend has some pretty questionable tastes in the bedroom – namely, the fact that he wants Carrie to pee on him. We knew there had to be something wrong!

5. Alanis Morisette

Alanis had her big Sex and the City cameo in season three’s episode “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl..” where she played a lesbian Carrie ended up kissing in a game of spin-the-bottle. Of course, she was playing the game to impress the bi-sexual man she was dating and of course, they didn’t pan out in the end.

6. Bobby Cannavale

In season three episode “Easy Come, Easy Go”, (pun absolutely intended) Bobby Cannavale plays a love interest of Samantha’s with an affliction she terms as “funky spunk”. I’ll let you use your imagination to figure that one out. Of course, things don’t work out between them but Bobby went on to play the role of a villainous gangster on HBO’s hit drama Boardwalk Empire so it looks like his stint as the funky spunk guy didn’t hurt his success!

7. Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Michelle Geller

In the episode “Escape From New York”, Matthew McConaughey plays an exaggerated version of himself, meeting with Carrie to tell her he would like to option her columns as a movie. The catch? He wants to play the role of Mr. Big. And he also has some very “big” opinions about the relationship and Carrie’s role in its demise. Sarah Michelle plays the obnoxious Hollywood film executive who clues Carrie in that Matthew is interested in the project.

8. Heidi Klum

In the episode “The Real Me," Carrie is asked to be a celebrity model for a fashion show and one of the models happens to be Heidi Klum, playing herself. At first, Heidi is very kind to Carrie, making her feel less nervous about her impending walk down the runway. Later on, we see that Heidi is a model while Carrie is a normal as Carrie falls flat on her face and Heidi literally stomps over her in front of everyone. Not cool, Heidi. Not cool at all.

9. David Duchovny and Geri Halliwell

In this guest star-packed episode from season six, David Duchovny plays a high school sweetheart of Carrie's who visits her – en route to his stay at a Connecticut mental institution. Meanwhile, Samantha is taunted by an acquaintance, played by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, who has a membership to an exclusive neighborhood pool that Samantha is dying to get in to.

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