The VMAs Are Letting Kanye West Do Whatever He Wants For Four Minutes Straight

Producers have no idea what he's planning.

By Eric Shorey

Kanye West is an egoistic psychotic with coprolalia who just also happens to be the world's foremost creative genius and the highest benchmark by which all cool things are measured against. So it is either the best idea or the worst idea to allow this raving lunatic omega-level polymath to have complete creative control over anything — let alone a major mainstream stage. Interestingly: that is precisely what MTV's VMAs will be doing for four minutes straight this Sunday.

While other celebs and artists were asked to perform songs or act as hosts, Kanye was given total reign to do whatever the hell he wants. The ceremony's producers reportedly have no clue what stunt he's going to pull, but it should be completely insane.

Let's remember, for example, the bonked up speech he gave just last year, for 11 minutes in total while accepting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award:

This wasn't exactly a one-time incident, either. In fact, Kanye has a long track record of being completely unhinged at the VMAs. For example, this apocalyptic moment:

What could he possibly be planning?! A Marina Abramovic-styled silent staredown with the audience? A make-out sesh with Madonna and Britney? An apology to Taylor Swift?

Eh, he'll probably just sing a really nice song and it will be lovely.

h/t: Pitchfork

[Photo: Getty Images]


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