The Weirdest Food You'll Eat Over The Holidays

Like, why?

The holidays are here. Whether you celebrate with a Christmas turkey or latkes on Hanukkah—or just like to eat a tray of cookies and milk with Santa Claus, food is everywhere, but it doesn't have ot be boring. Here's some of the weirdest foods you may see on your holiday plates.



Nothing says festive holiday food like fruitcake. Unlike its cute name, it's not fluffy or delicious. This strange, dense cake is chock full of candied fruits and would better serve as a paper weight. Definitely one of the weirdest—and downright hated—desserts of all time.

Blood Sausage



If you plan on traveling across the pond, you may get a heaping helping of black pudding at the breakfast table. True to its name, this is blood sausage. Yep. Sausages filled with blood that are cooked or dried. Not for the squeamish.

Figgy Pudding


"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is a classic Christmas song and who can forget the lyrics about figgy pudding? Few of us have actually eaten this dried fruit-based dessert (or even know what's in it).



Unless you're Rocky Balboa, drinking raw eggs is just weird. Eggs, sugar, milk and cream make the holiday signature beverage eggnog. It's pretty safe to drink, but why?

Tomato Aspic


Get your veggies in— in Jello. The tomato aspic is a retro chilled salad with tomato juice and gelatin. It's wiggly, jiggly and weird.

Tuna Tree

O Tuna Tree... Some genius in 1968 thought that shaping tuna fish into a Christmas tree was a good idea. Bad and Ugly of Retro Food has the proof.

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